Lead Reporting FAQ
Q: How do I get my leads?

A: If you are a new customer, prior to deployment of your campaign, you will receive a welcome email from our Ad Traffic Manager, Dana Kubicko. This welcome email is titled “Welcome to the District Administration/University Business Lead Reporting Dashboard,” and will contain the link to our dashboard http://districtadministration.com/leads or http://universitybusiness.com/leads as well as your user ID (your email address) and initial password. If you are an existing customer, you can use the same login you were provided for a previous campaign. Forget your password? There is a reset option on the login page.

Q: Which lead reports are available on this dashboard?

A: The dashboard reports all leads generated from email campaigns including our Partner Email Broadcast, Solution Showcase, and White Paper Email. This includes our UB eNewsletters such as Weekend Roundup, Leadership POV, and Campus CIO, or Product Spotlight email (an added value for your magazine print ad or sponsored content). The included DA eNewsletters are Weekend Roundup and District CIO, or Product Spotlight email (an added value for your magazine print ad or sponsored content). You will receive an email notification when each lead report is ready to review.

Q: Which lead reports are not available on this dashboard?

A: If your company purchased a Web Seminar, the attendance reports will be emailed to you and will not appear on this dashboard. Also, if your company purchased a Solution Showcase, in addition to the lead report you will receive from this dashboard, any inquiry forms that video viewers complete will be emailed directly to the company contact that you provided.

Q: When will I see my leads?

A: Lead reports are ready 24 hours after your campaign deploys. You will receive a notification via email when your lead report is ready. The dashboard is updated as more leads are generated. We encourage you to view/download your leads more than once during the first week after your campaign deploys.

Q: How long will my leads be available?

A: Leads remain in the dashboard indefinitely.

Q. Can I view results and download leads?

A. Yes, in the dashboard you can view the mailing summary, click details, click stats and a copy of the email, as well as download your lead report in .csv format.

Q: I have run multiple campaigns with you. Can I get all of the leads in one download?

A: Yes, you can! Click the “All Leads” button at the top right side of the dashboard. If you have leads spanning more than one year, you will also be asked to select the year you wish to download.

Q: Where do I go for help with reporting?

A: If you have a question about this dashboard or cannot locate a lead report, please contact your sales representative. If you need help understanding the leads reported to you, contact your sales representative.

Q: Please define: Delivered, Opens, Clicks, Uniques, CTR and CTOR?

Delivered - The number of emails delivered to readers in a single email deployment.
Opens - The number of emails opened by readers in a single email deployment.
Clicks - The number of clicks by readers registered by our click tracking program in a single email deployment. (Note that we suppress clicks that occur less than three seconds apart as they are typically generated by automated programs and do not represent engagement with the email content.) If you should see two numbers in this column (e.g., 55/250) it means that your content is part of a multisponsored email and your content received (55) of the total number of clicks (250).
Uniques - The number of initial clicks registered by our click tracking program for each reader in a single email deployment. If a reader visits an email multiple times and clicks on the same links more than once, only the first click will register.
CTR - Click-through rate. Calculated as: delivered / clicks.
CTOR - Click to open rate. This is the most relevant stat, as it shows you the click-rate based on those who saw the email. Calculated as: opens / clicks.